Thursday, August 11, 2011

Breast Changes

-Any area that feels thicker or harder than the rest
-Any changes in the size, shape or symmetry of your breast
-Puckering, dimpling, or a dent in the skin of the breast
-Skin irritation, rash or other change in the breast skin or nipple
-Redness or flaking of the skin on the breast or nipple
-Tenderness, pain, swelling or increased warmth
-Discharge (fluid coming from your nipple other than breast milk)
or bleeding from the nipple
-Nipple retraction - turning or drawing inward or pointing in a new direction
-Appearance of patches that are red or normal in colour but
-where the pores stand out
-Any breast change

What you have to do sekiranya terdapat perubahan-perubahan seperti di atas?

-Mana-mana gumpalan atau perubahan pada payudara anda boleh menakutkan
-Lihat penjagaan kesihatan yang profesional anda tentang apa-apa perubahan atau ketulan pada payudara anda dan meminta diagnosis.
-Tanya tentang ujian-ujian khas yang boleh digunakan untuk mendiagnosis masalah anda
-Minta pendapat kedua jika masalah ini tidak diendahkan


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How much do you know about Breasts? Pledge for Women

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